• 2x KT77 + 2x 6N9S + U77
  • Parabolic Power Bias ™
  • Japan relay based resistor ladder attenuators +/-0.5 %
  • Moc: 2x 11,5 W
Inconspicuous unit on anti-vibration spikes, Single Ended Ultralinear integrated amplifier Works with a tetrode in class-A1. Thanks to PPB™, it controls the bass even in combination with demanding loudspeakers. A proposition for lovers of delicate sound without excessive sound rounding.


  • 2x KT100 + 2x 6SL7GT + GZ34
  • Parabolic Power Bias ™
  • drabinki rezystorowe +/-0.5 %
  • Moc: 2x 17 W
Integrated Class A SE-UL. Sound signature - organic midrange and accurate bass thanks to PPB™ implementation. It impresses with its ability to stratify planes and separate the depth of the scene. It has three line inputs and separate terminals for speakers with an impedance of 4 and 8 ohms.

We offer retrofitting every unit with a higher quality power cable upon request. Hand-prepared based on Swiss shielded cables with Polish confection.
We do not aspire to be a cable manufacturer, but we suggest taking care of the quality of the power supply in terms of interference. We leave it to our listeners to evaluate the sound. We offer accessory cables in several variants: