Each unit is the result of precise manual work, and used topology is the result of tests and measurements.

PPB- Parabolic Power Bias

 Topology, with patent applications filled. Involves combating THD distortion by controlling the power supply of the power tube stages
 without interfering with the main signal path by combining the use of:

1. Active dissipation stabilization (auto-bias) dependent on the power supply, like balancing a ball on the top of a parabola. 
2. Multiple local feedbacks, negative and positive.

Thanks to this, we generate:
 - low THD distortions in the bass range
 - power dissipation stability 1000% better than "cathode-bias" with a tube rectifier
 - reduced sensitivity to tube aging and mains voltage changes in accordance with the PN-EN 60038:2012 standard
 - minimization of the sonic impact caused by "voltage drop"  phenomenon occurring when using electron rectifier tubes in classic design.

SE- Hand Wound on CNC

 Speaker transformers are hand-wound by our specialist using a CNC machine. The windings of each pair are measured and calibrated in terms of: impedance, resistance and capacity.
 We use the highest quality Polish RZC rolled cut cores made for our order. Cores, invariable in terms of crystal structure and installation direction, they are rolled from Polish Hi-B steel with the highest magnetic permeability.

GNFB- No global feedback 

 By choosing the luxury of giving up on global negative feedback, we appropriately determine the mutual harmonic content in the spectrum.
 We obtain contour bass without the sharpness of the treble because we do not use deep global feedback as others.

HMI- Protecting Hearing

 We try to focus our customers' attention on sound by implementing functions that are safer for your hearing and equipment:

- switching on always at a safe volume level
- changing the sound source with forced lowering of the volume level
- smooth volume increase when unmuting
- delay during switching on
- rectifier tube cooling- delay after device turn off
programmed in purpose of cooling of the tube rectifier, before restarting
- TFT display refreshing with a board-display effect in each menu
- Coherent remote controller with front panel knob-switch  behaviour.
- Standby, input selection, volume controll, mute, unmute actions operated via remote controller.

Au- Immersion Gold 

PCB and SLT made in ENIG, a technology that allows gold to be deposited on copper using a nickel sublayer. The basic thickness of Au gold for printed circuits is 25.4nm and for individual orders: 50.8nm. The process ensures high surface conductivity and good solderability. It prevents copper from ionic contamination and oxidation.

Ag 4,0%- Silver in solder

For soft soldering, we use mixtures of tin, silver and copper. An alloy containing 4.0% pure silver Ag and 1.0% copper Cu is used in points considered particularly important. However, the one containing 3.0% Ag and 0.5% Cu is used in other points. These binders are used by the automotive, military and medical industries. The material is lead-free and meets all mandatory requirements of the EU RoHS directive!

Cu 100%- Connectors

Meeting the expectations of experienced customers and opposing cost-saving trends among our competitors, we do not use brass. All RCA connectors and speaker terminals are made of copper. RCA sockets with PTFE insulation are silver-plated and then gold-plated. Speaker terminals with PC polycarbonate cover are only gold-plated.